About Us And How We Got Started

Watching the Playoffs with my buddies, I started complaining that the hot sauce on my wings just wasn’t making my eyes water or my temperature rise. Tired of hearing that same old tired ‘song’ my friends said if I didn’t think the sauce was hot enough, I should make my own. 

And that’s exactly what I did.

Do it the right way!

The Best Way To Use My Hot Sauce

The best way to use Uncle Bud’s Hot Sauce is not to think about the heat. Just focus on the best way to bring out the fullest flavor that you can. The best way I’ve found is by using the hot sauce like a supporting cast member instead of the headliner.

The reason being most hot sauces are designed to overpower the food and change the flavor. That may be good for some bland dishes, but not all dishes. What you want is a hot sauce that brings the heat and enhances the flavors of what you're eating; in other words, BALANCE.

In my experience, the best way to do that is to determine the mood you’re in. With me sometimes, I prefer just a little ZIP in my eggs, chicken, fish, and burger. When it comes to my wings that’s a whole different story. I will use a more vinegar-based hot sauce to kick up the flavor and heat. As for fish, I find it best to use a thicker hot sauce to better coat the meat, the same would apply for fried chicken, and burgers. Now with your vegetables and rice’s, it could go either way, if you what to cook with it. Use the vinegar-based to cook to maximize full heat threw out the whole meal. The thicker hot sauces for me are best use as a finisher.

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